Does My Dog Need a Dog Life Jacket?


Dogs love to spend time with their owners and get excited about every new entertainment. That’s why it is always a great idea to take your pet to a seaside or share the fun of swimming in a pool. But have you ever considered getting a life jacket for your dog? If no, let us present you some reasons why you might want it.

For Dogs Who Are Learning How to Swim

Unfortunately not every dog is a born swimmer. In fact, there are a lot of breeds not suitable for this kind of activity. Short legs or insufficient body fat make it challenging for them to remain afloat. Besides some dogs may simply get scared seeing a river or a lake for the first time. Life jacket helps them to be more confident. Once a dog feels safe, nothing can spoil the joy of splashing in the water. We all had swim rings in our childhood, remember? It’s much the same for a dog.

During a Water Trip

It’s a rule that every passenger of a watercraft needs a personal floatation device. Dogs are no exception. In case of emergency, a life preserver keeps them afloat until they safely get back on board or reach a shore. Even the most talented swimming dogs are exposed to a risk of drowning, especially in rough circumstances like deep water, heavy waves or fast current, not to mention that a dog may panic and get disoriented. A simple precaution in a form of life jacket will make any boat or yacht trip safe for your four-legged friend.

Variety of Choices

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a life vest:

  •  color;

  •  size based on the breed and individual measurements;

  •  material (although it’s usually neoprene).

Start with a review of dog life jacket to gain an insight into possible options. Beside crucial functions, you may also pick an adorable design to make your pet look even cuter.

A life jacket is a necessary equipment for any dog, whether a skilled swimmer or a newbie. Have we persuaded you?